Welcome to the Unity 1 Project ! Unity 1 Project is affiliated with the HEPSA Living Healthy company.  My name is Denine Rogers and here on this site you can get more specialized information on holistic cultural and diversity.  The services that we offer include School Nutrition and Gardening Educational Classes and Cultural Diversity Foods, Alternative Medicine and Nutrition Research Consultations.  Thanks for coming, enjoy your visit!
What is the Unity 1 Project?

Unity - United with a Positive Outlook and Way of Thinking.

One - See Each Person Individually

Project - An On-going Goal Program for Social Acceptance and to Change the Cultural Norm

Unity 1 Project is a cultural diversity program that gives persons a chance to express themselves in a holistic viewpoint of who they are and give them the confidence that they need.  Diversity refers to the need to accept, embrace and celebrate different cultures, races, religions and backgrounds of people.  It also includes the need for women to be respected and recognized.

We believe that it is important to EEI! Embrace, Everyone's, Individuality!   We all need to learn from each other because everyone has a story in this journey called LIFE!   

So Spread the Word and Join the Unity 1 Project Movement!

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